About the Band


LA SONORA NUYORKINA is a contemporary salsa band. Our members are young talented musicians who bring a fresh sound to the latin genres. Our repertoire goes from all time classics to the most popular hits today, to our own original material. We have played at the best latin clubs and concert Venues in NY, such as Iguana Lounge, Copacabana, Gonzalez Y Gonzalez, SOBs, Lehman College Dancing under the stars summer concert series and others.

Trumpeter and salsa dancer Wilson Portuondo founded La Sonora Nuyorkina in 2010.  One night while dancing, Wilson felt inspired to create a salsa band to cater to the growing diverse dance community, by bringing innovative arrangements and quality music to the dance scene.    

The members of La Sonora come from different parts of Latin America and North America: the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Ecuador, as well as the United States. Each musician brings their unique taste, talent, and experience to give La Sonora its vibrant sound.

This combination of our talented and diverse musicians, plus our new arrangements, has worked tremendously.  We can see in every one of our shows how much the people enjoy listening to La Sonora Nuyorkina, and we can feel how much they enjoy dancing to our music. 




Meet the talented members of the band.

 Wilson Portuondo.   Photo by Kristina Clark /  IluminadoraPhoto.com

Wilson Portuondo

Dominican Republic
Founder & Band Leader / Trumpet 

 Anthony.   Photo by Kristina Clark /  IluminadoraPhoto.com

Anthony Almonte

Puerto Rico
Vocals / Conga

osmay front BW.jpg

Osmay Calvo


1430 nestor BW HR.jpg

Nestor Villar



1522 carlito BW HR.jpg

Carlos Mena



carly perc BW.jpg

Carly Maldonado

Puerto Rico


7147 jose BW HR.jpg

José Luis Armengot

Dominican Republic


jonathan color BW 8x10.jpg

Jonathan Powell


1498 darwin BW HR.jpg

Darwin Noguera


1458 policia BW HR.jpg

Edwin Gomez

Dominican Republic